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Tips for Planting Tulip Bulbs Successfully

Whether planted in containers to provide an accent to outdoor living spaces or directly into garden soil, planting tulip bulbs can add vibrant spring color to any landscape. Listed below are some tips for those wondering how to plant tulip bulbs successfully:

1. Choose Healthy Bulbs - 
Selecting healthy bulbs will ensure optimal performance of the plants. Plump bulbs that are firm to the touch should be chosen for planting. Shriveled or soft spots are indications that the plant material inside may be dead or rotten.

2. Plant in The Fall - Those who are wondering when to plant tulip bulbs should remember that because they are spring-blooming flowers, they should be planted during the fall. It's best to plant them no later than October in colder climates. Fall planting ensures that the bulbs receive the proper amount of stratification necessary for abundant and successful blooming. Because tulips don't perform well in dry conditions, it's recommended that they be planted during a time when there is a significant degree of moisture in the soil, such as after an autumn rainstorm. If they are to be planted in containers, the potting mix should be well-watered prior to planting.


3. Tips Point Up - Tulips like sun, so the site selected for planting should be in location that gets a lot of sunlight. Preparing the planting area involves removing all weeds, stones and other debris. The soil should be loosened with a trowel before placing the bulbs in it, and it must be remembered to always plant to the bulbs with the tip pointing up. Bulbs should be planted at a depth of twice their length and well-covered with mulch immediately after planting. 

4. Sit Back and Watch Them Grow - Depending on climate conditions, the bright green, spear shaped tulip leaves will begin to emerge from the ground between the end of March and the middle of May.
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